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50% Persian

100% Mog.

31 August 1999
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Hi; it's the most gorgeous cat on the block; POUNCE!!! I'm chocolate and white and VERY sexy, and I have four humans: Lydia (the older one who pesters me a lot), Michael (the older one who obsesses over me), Laura (babyfood22 - the younger one who plays the piano) and Iain (the younger one who I annoy by sitting on his homework). I'm six years old at the moment. I'd tell you who my friends were, but there's no other cat I don't fight with (except Kitty, but that was a long, long time ago...). So I'll tell you about my enemies!
First of all, there's Poppy. She's enemy number one because she used to come into my house before I arrived to take it back! I've decided I want her house too, so whenever I see her outside her own doorstep I chase her off.
My next three enemies live at the house at the back. I've no idea of their names, and quite frankly I don't WANT to know. I'd prefer to chase them off too so that I can grab their food and their lovely, warm radiators - mmmm.
There's also White Cat. Her real name's Cleo, but everyone calls her White Cat. Because she's white. Duh. She's really beautiful, but not half as beautiful as me of course. She's quite small so I don't fight too badly with her; just enough to let her know who's boss in MY neighbourhood.
Well, I think that's it. But I hinted about Kitty? I'll save that for another time. Kitty was a really gorgeous little queen cat, though. ♥
Oh, and by the way, in case you hadn't noticed, I am the most beautiful cat in the world. Modest too. Uh-huh.